Find More Money

Ever feel like you’re barely just making it financially? Are you living in a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle? Many people are, and those are the people Art Rainer is speaking to in his new book, Find More Money. Find More Money is written like a parable, and it reminded me a lot of Who Moved My Cheese?Continue reading “Find More Money”

How to Study the Bible When You Don’t Have Time to Study the Bible

Do you study the Bible on your own? Maybe you’ve been told at church that you need to have Bible study as a family, or that you need to read the Bible on your own, or that it’s good to be able to read through the Bible in a year, but honestly, just between youContinue reading “How to Study the Bible When You Don’t Have Time to Study the Bible”

Welcome to Daily Inspired Living

Welcome to Daily Inspired Living. I’m Erin, and I hope you’ll find something here that makes your life just a little better. Writing online isn’t my full-time job, but I hope you can find something here that’s useful to you. Daily Inspired Living has tips for: People who don’t have an endless supply of moneyContinue reading “Welcome to Daily Inspired Living”

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