Daughter of the Regiment

When you think of the Civil War, what role do women play in the picture? Are they at home waiting for their beloved husbands, sons, and fathers to return from battle, or is their something else they might be doing? History lover and novelist Stephanie Grace Whitson has taken research from her studies into theContinue reading “Daughter of the Regiment”

Dusters and Dreams Book Review

Do you like Christian historical fiction? If so, you may want to check out Dusters and Dreams by Hannah Buckland. This book is set in Victorian England. It opens with a young couple receiving the unwanted news that the husband, Jack Hayworth, has a change in responsibilities as minister of the local village. There’s aContinue reading “Dusters and Dreams Book Review”

The Adventures of Herb Meyer

Herb Learns Obedience Book 1 by Joann Jimenez Illustrated by Roger Jimenez How often do you hear the word obedience? It may seem like an old-time word. For Christian parents trying to help their kids understand what obedience is and why it’s important, author Joann Jimenez and illustrator Roger Jimenez are making it a littleContinue reading “The Adventures of Herb Meyer”

It’s Throwback Thursday

Here’s a Flashback Book Review Book Review: Simplify by Bill Hybels Ever feel like life’s spinning out of control? Is there too much on your plate, and you can’t get it all under control? Bill Hybels, pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, has been there. He shares a story of how he reached his breakingContinue reading “It’s Throwback Thursday”

Find More Money

Ever feel like you’re barely just making it financially? Are you living in a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle? Many people are, and those are the people Art Rainer is speaking to in his new book, Find More Money. Find More Money is written like a parable, and it reminded me a lot of Who Moved My Cheese?Continue reading “Find More Money”

Inspiration for Recovery

The problem of drug addiction is growing in our country. Sadly, it seems that all too often, people that you would least expect get swept up into a life of drugs. Not just celebrities or athletes with million-dollar paychecks, but people from your own community living honest, hard-working lives. How did this happen? Is thereContinue reading “Inspiration for Recovery”

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