FREE Bee Paper Mask

Making fun out of masks? It’s true! Have some fun by making a paper mask with this paper mask created by Read Aloud is a non-profit organization dedicated to childhood literacy. Today’s mask is a bee… plus it comes with a suggestion for a book you can read.

Click here to download the PDF of the FREE bee paper mask coloring page

FREE Carnival Paper Mask

Ever been to Carnival? This paper mask/coloring page is the perfect intro to learn about this festival in Italy. Created by, a nationwide organization dedicated to promoting childhood literacy.

To download the FREE Carnival Paper Mask PDF, click here.

FREE Scuba Diver Coloring Page

When I grow up, I want to be… a scuba diver? Yup, there’s a coloring page for that!

Get this FREE coloring page in the shape of a mask! Created by ReadAloud.Org, a non-profit organization committed to child literacy.

Download a free PDF copy of the scuba diver coloring page here.

FREE Fall Reading Tracker

Did you know that just 15 minutes of reading every day could make a huge difference in a child’s life? Whether reading on their own or being read to by you, 15 minutes could help your child gain confidence and skill. Get this FREE reading tracker, created by Read Read Aloud is a national non-profit organization that promotes child literacy.

Get the free tracker by clicking here.

Free Penmanship Book

Teaching your child the lost art of penmanship? This book from Shine-a-Light Press is free! Designed for grade levels K-2 .

Get the FREE download by visiting Shine-a-Light Press here.

FREE Dalmatian Coloring Page

Cat person or dog person? If you Must Love Dogs, you’ll love this paper craft/coloring page! Created by Read Aloud is a non-profit organization that promotes reading.

Click this link to download the page.

New Book- The Nations Rage

How do world governments react to Christianity? How do world leaders react when their systems are threatened by Christians? How would businesses react to a massive amount of people deciding they suddenly want to become Christians, changing how they spend their money? Would these governments have a reaction? Would these world leaders react? Would these businesses react?

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

The clear, obvious answer for David Sliker is a resounding yes. In his new book The Nations Rage, Sliker makes a case for how disruptive Christianity can be, and how much anger it can provoke. He points to the Bible to show how angry leaders have reacted in the past when people in their regions suddenly converted to Christianity. These conversions caused changes, which disrupted the status quo.

Sliker takes the idea of rage towards Christianity and connects it to current events. He also predicts that there will be a revival in the future which will stoke anger on the part of world leaders.

The Nations Rage does not go into detail on the Book of Revelation, but if you’re interested in Bible prophecy, you might like this book. It’s also a good pick for those interested in getting some more context to go with their Bible verses.

Deliver Us

What do moments of desperation in life look like? Does the Bible offer any words of comfort or encouragement when we’re trapped in these moments of desperation? In Michelle Howe’s new book Deliver Us, she explores the idea that when we’re trapped in a hopeless situation, there is hope.

This book is written in a similar format to her other book published by Hendrickson publishers, Giving Thanks for a Perfectly Imperfect Life. Just like in Giving Thanks…, every chapter contains quotes, Scripture, conclusion thoughts, and a sample prayer that you can pray yourself (or use as inspiration to create your own prayer.

This time in Deliver Us, instead of a focus on gratitude, it’s a focus on desperation, but not in a bad way. Perhaps you can see yourself, a friend, or a loved one, in the following desperate situations:

  • Dealing with depression
  • Loving a family member that disrespects you
  • Caregiving for a difficult parent
  • Living as an orphan
  • Loving a needy grandchild
  • Enduring after an accident has changed your life
  • Surviving a financial crisis
  • Sticking with a marriage in spite of difficulties that make you feel disappointed and let down
  • Living life as a widow after the death of your spouse
  • Caught in the middle in a dispute between two family members or two friends
  • Feeling hopeless due to joblessness
  • Living with addiction

There are many, many more real-life scenarios that Howe uses as examples of the desperation people feel. All of the examples are realistic, and it’s easy to see why someone in each situation would be frustrated.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Howe shows how difficult and how frustrating each situation can make a person feel. The take-home point she wants people to carry with them after reading this book is that God is the ultimate source of refuge throughout all of life’s troubles.

She doesn’t dive too deep into Scripture, which might actually be welcomed to people who are in tough times and need to feel like they have a “listening ear” so to speak. A Psalms is used as an introduction before each story, and this unifies the stories. Overall, I would recommend this book to those going through difficult times or to those who want to better understand the struggles faced by those around them.

What’s in Your Mind Today?

How are you feeling today? An adult may be able to explain what’s going on in his or her mind, but for a child that’s feeling troubled, it might be a little more difficult to pinpoint the problem. Louise Bladen’s new book What’s in Your Mind Today? attempts to explain that negative thoughts are not permanent, and they will go away.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

This picture book shows children with varying situations. One child doesn’t have a lot of thoughts happening, while another child has lots of scary thoughts. The continuous theme throughout the book is that we are all different, and that thoughts are temporary. This book would probably be a very helpful resource for professionals working with young children (teachers, counselors, therapists, and so on).

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