About/Media Kit

Welcome to Daily Inspired Living. I’m Erin, and I hope you’ll find something here that makes your life just a little better. Writing online isn’t my full-time job, but I hope you can find something here that’s useful to you.

Daily Inspired Living offers:

  • Inspiration for people of faith
  • Tips on how to live frugally
  • Book and product reviews

On HubPages? Come say hello to me there!

Want to work with me? Check out some of the awesome brands I’ve worked with previously. Get in touch with me by commenting on any of my posts or connecting with me on Twitter @InspiredLivin15.

I’m part of the Ambassador International book review team.

Oak Meadow School provides flexible distance education. You can check out their free journal, Living Education, here. I’ve written about teaching music in the homeschooling setting.

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I’ve reviewed books for the Moody Publishers blogger review program.

FTC Disclosure: I’m proud to be an influencer! For all book blogger review programs, I have received free copies of books in exchange for my honest reviews.

I’m a social media partner for ReadAloud.org

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