The Military Guide to Armageddon

The preface of The Military Guide to Armageddon begins with these words:

“I AM PERSUADED that things on this planet are about to change dramatically, and that we need to prepare for coming earth-shattering events.”

Change – negative, uncertain, dramatic change was the theme of 2020, and is continuing to be the headline for 2021. There’s still so much that remains unknown, and while we might attempt to try to figure it out, the truth is that we are not all-powerful, and there is only so much we can know.

The Military Guide to Armageddon

The Military Guide to Armageddon gets to the root of unrest in the world- the why behind these things. Have you asked yourself why there is a global pandemic? Why is there massive social unrest – not just in America, but in other countries right now, also? In 2020, the entire continent of Australia caught on fire, and yet, many of us forgot about it, because 2020 was such an awful year. It’s not a joke – it speaks to the current state of affairs – the world is getting bad…

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

The Military Guide to Armageddon takes strategies from the military and ties it in with Christian strategies. How can you survive a world like this? How can you survive a world that’s going to get worse? What is the future going to look like? If you thought 2020, or 2021 so far was bad, hold on, because there are predictions for the future, and the authors want you to be ready.

The military perspective in this book is very interesting. Colonel David J. Giammona is a retired chaplain, so he has lots of stories from the battlefield, but he also has the spiritual perspective. He explains to civilians what R&R means in a war context, and talks about how difficult some of the training is in the military. There’s a lot of military jargon in this book, but it isn’t so complicated that you’ll get lost if you don’t have a military background. Colonel Giammona explains things well to those of us in the civilian world. (His co-author makes an equally good contribution.)

Overall, this was a really excellent book. It’s not a “gloom and doom” book, and the authors don’t want you to be scared or to act irrationally. They want you to be calm, cool, and level-headed. This is a great book for any Christian who sees how world events are escalating. If you’re interested in seeing how current events connects to a Biblical perspective, you might really like this book. There are a lot of great tips and Biblical insight for how you and your family can mentally and spiritually ready yourselves for a world that will grow increasingly violent and hostile towards Christianity.

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