In Search of Wisdom

What’s the most valuable thing you can possess but cannot buy? Wisdom. In this new book, Joyce Meyer takes us on a journey In Search of Wisdom.

In Search of Wisdom explores all 31 chapters of the Biblical book of Proverbs. The way the book was structured surprised me in its simplicity, because the author could have picked her own title for each chapter, but she didn’t. She kept things really simple, and each chapter is simply named after the Proverb that will be covered. Chapter One is called “Proverbs 1,” the next chapter is called “Proverbs 2,” and so on. It seems so simplistic, but it makes sense once you dig into the contents of the book.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. The opinions here are my own.

If you’ve never read any of the book of Proverbs, you’re missing out. There’s so much practical life advice that the book of Proverbs gives. Heeding the words and warnings of this book of the Bible can help anyone. Proverbs gives advice about marriage, money, parenting, friendship, and the types of people you should avoid in life.

Joyce Meyer breaks down each Proverb, giving it its own chapter. She expounds on it, introducing her own perspective, opinions, and even stories from her life and from people she knows of. She also easily introduces verses from the New Testament and connects it to the Proverb being discussed, without causing any confusion. This is a positive feature, especially for people who may not have any Bible knowledge, to help them build their knowledge of the Bible.

In Search of Wisdom could be a great book for women’s groups to use and build discussions around. It’s not designed to be a book of discussion, but I could see lots of points in this book that give ladies the opportunity to discuss the relevance of the Proverbs in their lives.

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