Book Review: The Bible Recap

Have you ever read the Bible from cover to cover? The Bible Recap is a one-year guide to help people understand the Bible. Sometimes, the Bible can be confusing. Sometimes, we don’t always understand it. Tara-Leigh Cobble wants to help change that with this new guide.

The Bible Recap

This book made me think about what it takes to really write a good commentary or guide on the Bible. What is it that I want or need on any book that attempts to explain the Bible? What are the basic requirements? I’ve boiled it down to two:

  • Clear: I need to be able to understand what the writer is saying. Seems simple, right? Any points that are being made need to be clear. If the author is referring to a Bible passage, it needs to be clear so I can find it for myself.
  • Correct: Any opinions that an author might give should be based on what the Bible says, not just a popular opinion that is given because it’s what people want to hear.

This book uses a chronological approach to reading the Bible. In other words, the plan is not for you to grab a KJV or NIV Bible, plow through Genesis and then keep on trucking until you get to Revelation. This Bible reading plan actually breaks up the book of Genesis – the very first book of the Bible – and you are supposed to start reading the book of Job BEFORE you finish reading all of the book of Genesis. I did not stick to this reading plan, and I question why this would be the planned method. (Why not finish one book at a time?)

Looking at the author’s commentary about some of the readings that focused on the book of Genesis, it could be really confusing if you’ve never read the Bible before. On “Day Three,” there are places where the author mentions a book of the Bible that you would not have read yet… we’re talking as far ahead in the Bible as 2 Peter, Ezekiel, Revelation. The ability to tie together other books of the Bible would be fantastic, but at this point in The Bible Recap, this was confusing and off-course.

Ultimately, my recommendation would be to grab your Bible, read what you will daily, make your questions in the margins, and you will have a plan for a clear and focused study.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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