A Holy Pursuit Book Review

Should Christians follow their dreams? Is it ok to follow your heart? When it comes to following their dreams, Dianne Jago believes that Christians are often given poor advice. Her new book A Holy Pursuit aims to give Christians an alternative. Jago says that Christians are all too often told to follow their hearts for the sake of their dreams – which can result in going too far to get what they want – but the alternative they’re given is to just give up on dreaming, being told that having dreams is ungodly. Jago says both of these views have problems and that it’s ok to dream! If you’ve been told by Christians around you that you need to just give up on all your dreams, Jago would probably tell you that’s not quite right… but if you’ve been doing “whatever it takes” to achieve your dream, she’d probably ask you if you’ve been checking with God to see if you have your priorities straight.

Thank you, B&H Publishers/Lifeway! I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

The opening pages of A Holy Pursuit start strong and gave me high expectations. This book was less about dreaming, discernment, making decisions, or figuring our your life’s path than I hoped or thought it would be. Pieces from Jago’s life path lead up to explain that she landed in a spot as founder and chief of a ministry magazine. (Not a spoiler, this is on the back cover.) But it gets confusing when she tries to explain how God was shaping her dreams. She had an interest in photography (a desire, which is a good sign), and an opportunity with a contact in the industry (an open door, which is a good sign), but then she says that she knew God didn’t want her in photography anymore. No explanation, she just knew. This anecdote was confusing, and most of this book didn’t add to my understanding on the topic of dreaming in a God-inspired way. The strength of A Holy Pursuit is in the sections on how to live a Godly life, which could have been written under a completely separate title. These sections had solid Scripture that benefit any Christian, and are not specific to the concept of dreaming.

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