It’s Throwback Thursday

A Flashback Book Review

Your Money Map

by Howard Dayton

Have you ever felt lost when it comes to your money?

It can be easy to feel clueless on what to do, where to turn to, and who to listen to for advice. When it comes to bills, savings, and investing, it can feel overwhelming. Lots of people say they want to be rich, but many just don’t know where to start when it comes to the goal of getting out of debt. Howard Dayton’s book, Your Money Map, doesn’t claim to make you rich, but it does provide a strategy for financial freedom.

FTC Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

If you’re familiar with Dave Ramsey’s “baby steps” method of getting out of debt, it’s easy to compare the two. But I have to say I recommend Dayton’s Your Money Map more. This book, this teacher, and this method are more approachable, accessible, and compassionate. Your Money Map uses the tale (fictional or real, who knows) of the married couple Matt and Jennifer who meet author Howard Dayton and his wife. The Daytons share with Matt and Jennifer their progress towards financial freedom, and in each “destination” towards financial freedom, they share their struggles, goals, and how they conquered problems that popped up. In the book, the Daytons act as mentors and friends for this young couple. They give honest advice but they refrain from judging the young couple from any mistakes they may have made or any lack of knowledge they didn’t act on.

I’ve read several books on personal finance, and books in general have to be very special to earn a permanent spot on my bookshelf. I just don’t have the room to keep all the books I read. Your Money Map by Howard Dayton gets kudos for several reasons. Unlike other books on personal finance, it is general enough to apply to people in many different life circumstances: whether you’re married or single, whether you have kids or don’t have kids, whether you have lots of debt or a little, you’ll probably get something out of this book. You would have to be very advanced in your journey towards financial freedom to get nothing out of this book, in which case, you probably wouldn’t be reading it anyway. I would highly recommend Your Money Map to anyone interested in empowering themselves towards their best financial destiny.

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