The Adventures of Herb Meyer

Herb Learns Obedience Book 1

by Joann Jimenez

Illustrated by Roger Jimenez

How often do you hear the word obedience? It may seem like an old-time word. For Christian parents trying to help their kids understand what obedience is and why it’s important, author Joann Jimenez and illustrator Roger Jimenez are making it a little bit easier. Their new book, The Adventures of Herb Meyer Herb Learns Obedience, is the first book featuring a box turtle named Herb.

I couldn’t help but love the cute illustrations of Herb, the turtle, and we see him throughout his day – with his mother, at bedtime, and in the living room during family Bible time. The pages are numbered, which is a feature not all children’s books have, and as a side note, this could also help if you want to take advantage of that while you’re teaching numbers and counting. I loved how the pages are different colors – orange, yellow, pink, light blue, dark blue – and this makes the pages really pop. It adds extra excitement to Herb’s world!

FTC Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Herb, our turtle friend, gets into a little bit of trouble. I could really relate to what he did (and I won’t spoil it, but a lot of adults will too!). His mother handles his mistake like a champ, and the moral of the story is that we don’t teach kids to obey to be mean, but because obedience benefits them. The Adventures of Herb Meyer Herb Learns Obedience will be an enjoyable book for Christian families aiming to teach their children the right values, while having fun at the same time.

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