How to Save Money on a Job Search

Are you suddenly without a job? Have the stay at home orders and pandemic preparations caused you to be out of work? Maybe the business you’ve worked in has suffered a temporary work stoppage, and you need to find a job to fill the gap until you can go back to work as normal. Or perhaps things aren’t looking so great, and you’re wondering if your regular job will have you on a track to returning at all. Regardless of your situation, you’re not alone. There are so many people in your situation. Many are facing the same circumstances as you are.


If you’ve ever been in a long, drawn out job search – one that lasted longer than you anticipated – you may have wondered if you should hire someone to write your resume. These ads for resume writers pop up online and can make you wonder if they’re of any help. Personally, I don’t know anyone who has paid for such a service. However, your circumstances may be different. Maybe you work in a super-competitive industry where it’s common for people to hire someone to write their resumes. Or maybe you’ve been searching for a job even long before the pandemic started and you need some guidance. But when money is tight, you can save money on a job search. When money is non-existent, saving money is a must. Here are some tried and true techniques you can use, without hiring anyone, to save money on your job search by making sure your resume is at its best.

Use Spellcheck

Do you use spellcheck? It’s a great help, but it doesn’t catch everything. It won’t tell you when “theirs” and “there’s” are used in the wrong spots, or when “its” and “it’s” are accidentally exchanged, causing a typo. While it isn’t perfect, there is a lot that spellcheck can catch. Don’t forget to use it.

Use Powerful Words

When you give your resume a once-over, ask yourself if your resume has power. Does it show action? Does it show results? Showing action and results gives your resume the power to show how awesome YOU are. Does it show what sets you apart from other people? Does it the number of people you’ve managed, the dollars you’ve saved, or other relevant facts? Does it show your achievements – the grants you’ve snagged, the kudos you’ve received, the recognition you’ve achieved, the people you’ve mentored, the committees you’ve served on? Pack your resume with power to show how great you are no matter where you’ve worked.


Print It Out & Sleep On It

When it comes to resumes, I’m old school – I like to print mine out after I give it a once-over. I guarantee you – no matter how often I spellcheck it, proofread it, look it over, change it, revise it – chances are, if I print it out and sleep on it, I will find something I can improve. It may be something tiny like a comma in a wrong place, a bullet point to strengthen, or an accomplishment to re-word. I would almost be willing to bet that the same will be true for you. I believe that the reason this technique works so well is because sleep recharges the mind and improves our focus, which helps us solve problems subconsciously in our sleep. You may be surprised to find that if you sleep on it, you too will return with a new, enhanced perspective.

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