5 Weird Perks of Being Single

Did you get dumped on Valentine’s Day? Or did you do the dumping?

You might be surprised that getting dumped is not all that bad! Here are five weird things to love about being single.

Sharing the Bed, With No One

Is it hard for you to sleep alone? Maybe you look at that empty side of the bed and wish it wasn’t empty.

Turn that frown upside, sunshine! Remember all the times their snoring kept you from falling asleep? Or how they would never, ever, ever make coffee for you – you had to do everything yourself? Remember all the annoying things, and enjoy having more space to yourself.

Finally, I Can Be Honest

Did your ex have some sort of hobby that you thought was weird, but you faked your support for it? Secretly, you hated his hobby of mooing, or her hobby of navel fluff collecting, but you lied through your teeth because you thought you were in love and you wanted to be supportive. Finally, you can be honest and admit that yes, that is really weird.

In-Laws, Out-Laws, No More

If you were dreading a meet-the-parents style event, you can relax and chill now. Were you worried about how their snotty family was going to judge you? Maybe for a long time you tried to fit in with them and your ex never stood up for you. Now, you can just worry about yourself. Was your former flame was always too good, and you were just trying to fit into their family, like trying to pass a test? Say goodbye to those days, darlin’. Kiss those high-falootin’ people farewell, while you stride on to greener, kinder pastures.

It’s All About Me

Without the wrong person in your dating life, you can feel more free. Free to give your time and energy to the right things: your kids, your faith, your job, your passions, or perhaps improving yourself or taking on a new hobby.

Focusing on yourself doesn’t have to be a selfish thing. Taking some time to ponder your life can help you. Maybe you would like to volunteer or give back in some way? Maybe there’s a dream you’d like to pursue, and without a negative person in your life, you have more time to do it.

Don’t miss the opportunity to use a break-up to think about what you want out of life and if you need to make some changes to get there.

We Are Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together

“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” That can be a good motto for some things, but sometimes two people just aren’t meant to be. Getting dumped can set you free from a relationship that could never succeed, no matter how hard you tried.

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