Inspiration for Recovery

The problem of drug addiction is growing in our country. Sadly, it seems that all too often, people that you would least expect get swept up into a life of drugs. Not just celebrities or athletes with million-dollar paychecks, but people from your own community living honest, hard-working lives. How did this happen? Is there any hope? The problem doesn’t discriminate, taking the rich, poor, young, old, men, and women alike.

The Gates to Recovery by Cathy Sweat

Cathy Sweat knows firsthand about this problem. Having walked the road of addiction herself, she leads other women out of this problem in her work at a recovery center. The stories she shares in The Gates to Recovery are heartbreaking. She does share stories of hope showing those that have come out of addiction and into a drug-free lifestyle. However, for those who lack compassion towards those addicted to an illegal drug, I would challenge them to read The Gates to Recovery. This book shows how much work a person must do if they truly want to be delivered from the loss of freedom that a drug addiction causes. Sweat uses an analogy of “gates” from different points in the Bible to explain how people can get their freedom back. For people that believe you can just “pray away” a drug addiction, Sweat makes it very clear that this is not the case; tangible steps must be taken to make it happen.

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The Gates to Recovery is a long book, and there were sections I skipped. However, this book could be a valuable resource for people who want to better understand addiction, and why help is needed to quit a dangerous lifestyle. It could also help Christian counselors, deacons, pastors, ministry workers, and other people who want to better understand how to help people in trouble. Sweat does a nice job of equally holding the user accountable for his or her actions, while also explaining the biology of it all works, without getting too deep into it. This book could be a help to people who want to start an outreach in their churches to help people escape drug addiction and move into living victoriously.

FTC DISCLOSURE: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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